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Jura Repair

Jura Repair Courier Service

If you experience an issue with your coffee machine the first thing you’re likely to do is grab your phone and type in “Jura coffee machine repairs near me.” Unfortunately, chances are there won’t be a Jura maintenance specialist in your area. Our courier service has been designed to cater to those who require an expert Jura repair service but don’t have access to one locally.

We know that there is demand for a reliable and cost-effective Jura coffee machine repair service from individuals and businesses across the whole of the UK. Engineers with the required skills can be quite hard to come by and entrusting somebody without the appropriate level of expertise and knowledge in repairing and servicing Jura coffee machines can result in your unit not being repaired properly, and in some cases actually suffering further damage.

Our nationwide Jura repair courier service offers a solution to this. The process is very simple:

  • Get in touch with us to discuss what’s wrong with your Jura unit
  • Place your Jura coffee machine in the pre-assembled box that we send
  • Hand the box to the friendly courier who will bring your beloved coffee machine to us
  • We will carry out the necessary Jura repairs and complete a full Jura service
  • Your fully-functioning Jura will be returned to you via courier
  • Enjoy a lovely cup of coffee

Pretty straight forward, right?

Jura Repair Courier Service

This service is popular with those who don’t have a trusted repair service local to them, people with busy lifestyles who want a hassle-free repair service and those who simply don’t want the inconvenience of having a repair engineer visiting their home or business property.

If you require a Jura coffee machine repair service contact us today to take advantage of our fantastic courier service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect your Jura coffee machine, complete the required repairs and carry out a service before returning it to you. This removes the inconvenience of having somebody on your property getting in your way, while also allowing our engineers to provide a thorough service without rushing the job. This option, available to those in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset Wiltshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and West London, is hugely popular with many of our current clients, however the speed of service and return of your machine depends on your location. We generally advise that turnaround can take up to seven days.

How long will my Jura repair service take?

We advise our clients to expect a turnaround of up to 7 days for our local pick up service and up to 14 days for our nationwide courier service, although service time will often be quicker than that. While we work hard to minimise the length of time you are without your coffee machine, unfortunately delays do happen. Whether it’s down to an issue with our delivery partner, a delay in specific Jura parts arriving or anything else, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the situation.

Can I request the local pick up of my coffee machine at a certain time?

We are always happy to arrange collection for the day and time that best suits you.

Will I have to pay any additional costs?

When you contact us we provide you with a quote which covers every aspect of our Jura coffee machine service. In the vast majority of cases this is the price you will pay. If there are any changes, for example if the problem differs from originally described or we have to order in a specific part, rest assured we’ll clear it with you first and inform you of any increase to the quoted price.

Does your Jura coffee machine repair service offer a warranty or guarantee?

Yes! Our Jura repairs come with a 3 month warranty to provide peace of mind that if the fault quickly reappears, we’re on hand to rectify it.

Do you offer Jura coffee machine servicing?

At Coffee Caprice, servicing jura coffee machines is what we do and we understand the importance of offering our clients value for money, which is why each Jura coffee machine we repair also receives a full service as standard. This includes a health check, detailed clean and we’ll even replace all of the seals with brand new ones at no additional cost.